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About Us

C&M Scooter Tours and Rentals is a scooter rental agency based in Cozumel.  Our business is legitimate and officially registered in Mexico. Our goal is to make moving around Cozumel simple and enjoyable as possible so you can take full advantage of your visit!​ 

C&M Scooter Tours and Rentals is the first and only scooter tour company on the island of Cozumel.

We started out several years ago to provide individuals with the enjoyment and safety of riding a scooter on a guided tour. As you know, this is Mexico,” not Disney” along with its sandy white beaches and pristine waters, Cozumel does have its hazards and pitfalls along with its beauty. That’s why we feel taking a guided tour with us or another tour company is the safest way to go.

We want to make sure that your visit here in Cozumel is a safe and enjoyable one. Yes, it’s a little more money to take the tour than to rent a scooter but we will take you to places that you will never find on your own.  

We also include a 30-minute guided snorkeling excursion with equipment on your tour. Then factor in your safety, now don’t you think it’s worth a few more dollars? Anyway, there are many ways to see the island by taxi, bus, or boat but we feel the best way to see Cozumel in all its beauty is on a scooter, so come ride with us.

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Our Mission is to make moving around Cozumel as simple and enjoyable as possible so you can take full advantage of your visit!​ Our efforts are directed towards giving you the finest scooter rental experience in Cozumel since we value communication and customer service..


C&M Scooter Tours and Rentals has been in business for a few years now and have shown many of our clients the beauty of Cozumel. Now, we are looking to expand our business into the Yucatan with our new venture. C&M Motorcycle Tours "Ride The Yucatan" is a 6 day 7night 550-mile ride around the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and much more. See México the way it should be seen on the back of a Harley. Please check us out and Like us on Facebook and TripAdvisor. Hope to see you back real soon and keep riding. 

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